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Flower Walkthrough Purple

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Zoom in on this purple flower and hold any key to get started. This cutscene is the bleakest yet.

Your starting flower.

Turn left and float up this hill.

Keep right to enter this ravine. You can just see the first secret flower ahead.

Look right then follow this line of white flowers. Continue over the fallen metal beams.

Exercise caution around structures with red lights. These are electrified and will shock you if touched. Each shock causes you to lose petals, until you will eventually fail the level. This is the only level where this happens.

This first section is optional. Collect the purple flowers beneath the rubble.

The metal turns white and is no longer dangerous.

Do the same on this adjoining area. If you make it through the entire level without getting shocked, you'll earn the Pure Trophy.

This is your first mandatory section. Collect the purple flowers beneath this tower on the right and heal the entire area.

The camera zooms down the pipeline, directing you to float through the beams to the other side.

Approach one of the three electrical towers with purple flowers beneath. Collect the purple flowers to render each tower harmless. The order in which you do these towers is unimportant.

The camera shows this pipeline turning white, all the way to the intersection shown here. Following the other two pipelines will lead you to the other two towers with purple flowers.

Once all three towers have been rendered harmless, this structure collapses, allowing passage.

Before heading through, locate this tower with a tight grouping of pink flowers. You'll hear a chime when you collect the bunch.

The tower will collapse, sprouting the second secret flower.

Now you can fly over the collapsed structure seen previously.

The most difficult part of the game is coming up as you enter this maze. Keep right at this Devil's-Tower-like mountain.

Keep right again at the next Devil's Tower.

Turn hard-right at this next one. You're getting close to the third secret flower.

You'll see these metal beams as you take the hard right.

Look down to spot the third secret flower.

Continue through here. If you see this set of purple flowers without having seen the green secret flower, you'll know you've gone too far.

Once again, keep right.

This next area is especially aggravating for those trying to earn their Pure Trophy. Chunks of electrified metal will be falling down. Try to stay above them and to the left to minimize your risk of being damaged. Also, don't press the X button. Go nice and slow.

You'll emerge here. Approach the exit to end the level.

Despite its droopy appearance, this is the fully-formed purple flower. Note the three secret-flower leaves in the pot.