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Flower Walkthrough Blue

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Once again, tilt your Sixaxis controller to zoom in, this time on the blue bud. This level is all about illumination.

Here's your starting flower. Go ahead and press any key to release a petal.

Open this ring of blue flowers to set the windmills inside the ring spinning. It's not necessary to collect the pink flowers but if you do it makes a nice tune.

The windmills generate electricity for these lights. Open the yellow flowers under the newly-illuminated patch ahead.

Watch as the swirl of light heals this circular area.

Heal this neighboring patch the same way.

Another string of lights are illuminated, lighting the way to your next bunch of yellow flowers.

After collecting the yellow flowers, you are shown how circling around this haystack illuminates it.

Illuminate the remaining haystacks, five in all.

The next string of lights leads to this spiral, with another batch of yellow flowers.

Before heading to the spiral, though, let's take a short detour up this road. Follow that faint green light barely visible ahead.

It's the level's first secret flower!

Now you can go ahead and collect the yellow flowers to partially illuminate the spiral.

Notice how your petals have acquired a bright glow to them, similar to when you lit up the circular area. This is called "having the glow." During these times you can light the rock-encircled pond seen here on the left to earn the Illumination trophy. You can also earn this trophy by illuminating a different pond coming up or yet another pond found in the ending credits.

Lighting up this nearby wagon sprouts the second secret flower, seen just to the left!

Now it's time to turn your attention to the pink flowers in the spiral.

Collect all of the pink flowers to fully-illuminate the spiral.

Collect the yellow flowers beneath the newly-lit streetlight to once again have the glow.

While you have the glow, illuminate this second pond.

The third secret flower will sprout here. You'll also earn the Illumination trophy if you haven't earned it already.

Your final task is to illuminate this field of tiny flowers. Just fly through the dimly-lit path and the entire area will glow brightly.

This next strand of lights shorts out, an omen of things to come.

Follow the burned-out strand into a gully, and the charred wasteland beyond.

After a short distance, you'll come to the level exit. Things certainly look bleak ahead.

And here is the fully-formed blue flower and three secret-flower leaves.