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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Bureau Raid (Firetruck Access)

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"The mission is done in two parts: casing the building and then infiltrating it.

Now enter the Maintenance Room and take the mop and bucket. Michael needs to mop the floors in order to the bombs, so walk up to each dirt spot and clean it.


When the floor is clean, approach the locker to plant the bomb. Move on to the next office area and clean those floors.

After those are cleaned, enter the Men's room and then plant the bomb in the second stall on the left (wait for the gentleman to leave first).

When the second bomb is planted, put the stuff away and walk out of the building to trigger the second half of the mission.


Follow Michael as he will lead the way to the top floor. Enter the elevators and then follow Mike up the stairs to the 53rd floor.

At the 53rd floor, plant a Sticky Bomb at the server door and then detonate it.

Enter the server room and take the containment drive. Now is the time to escape!

Follow Mike down the building while dodging fireballs and explosions. During the escape, Frank is caught in an explosion leaving him solo for the moment.

Immediately equip a weapon and take cover near the doorway and start blasting at the FIB agents in the way. Make your way to the 50th floor while blasting agents in the way to reunite with Mike.

Once the pack is together, follow Mike to the elevator shaft to begin the rappelling sequence.


From there, continue to follow Mike and exit the building to the Firetruck. Get in the firetruck and drive it to the getaway vehicle location.

When you arrive at the getaway vehicle location, use a Sticky Bomb to destroy the firetruck.

Then, drive over to Lester's house to complete the mission.