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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Architect's Plans

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"There are two ways to get the blueprints from the architect: the Easy Way or the Hard Way.

When the architect exits, do NOT follow him past the other two workers that he talks to! If you walk past them, they will chase after you! Instead, make a right turn from when you exit the elevator to the other side of the floor. From there, the architect will walk towards you. If you assault the architect, Franklin will receive a 2-Star Wanted level! To avoid all of that drama, avoid hitting the architect and pull out a weapon instead. Approach the guy from behind and aim the gun at his back to make him drop the briefcase (do NOT shoot him). By doing this, you won't get pegged with 2 stars. When he drops the briefcase, take it from him and then take the elevator back down to ground level and quickly exit the premises for the Gold.

EASY WAY: As soon as the mission starts, run towards the architect and assault him immediately. Grab the briefcase and get outta there!


Clear your Wanted level.

Then, get in your vehicle and drive back to the garment factory to complete the mission.

"Once you bring the briefcase to the garment factory, you'll have to choose one of the two ways to do the Heist. Lester will map out the details in two forms:

The Firetruck approach requires extra work and is not as heavy on the gunplay while the Rooftop approach is a much shorter mission but heavy on the bloodshed. Also note that using Rooftop approach will increase your Crew's stats by 25% versus the Firetruc