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HAWKEN: War is A Machine Walkthrough Game Modes - Missile Assault

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In Missile Assault, it's kind of like Domination if you're a COD player. You have to take control of the silos and make sure your opponent doesnt get to it.

Make sure no one is in the area of the silo...

And you'll see the Silo become out of the enemy's control...

Then into yours, as you can see from the Silo icons at the top of the screen.

Once it is under you team's control, you can stay and defend or go to the next one.

Since one enemy mech came, I chose to defend Silo 1.

And failed epically...

It would be better to go to one where you teammates are like I am going to do at Silo 2.

But failed again.

Just keep trying and going to where your team is at.

Taking more silo's control will decrease the opponent's score and increase yours. So make sure you hjave the majority of the Silos and you'll eventually succeed!

But if you're already low enough on score, it will be even more difficult...