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HAWKEN: War is A Machine Walkthrough Pre Battle

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When you open your garage, the first thing that will show up are your mechs. There are different types of mechs that you can test drive but your recruit (the mech on the farthest right) is your own you can customize.

The Bruiser is a medium, defensive mech. Wouldn't go out guns blazin' with this mech. Just sit back and shoot those missiles.

The Brawler is a close combat kind of mech. It can convert to a heavy defense mode which is really helpful. It can also regenerate health pretty quickly.

The Technician is pretty much the medi mech. It supports the mechs by using the repair torch on a mech. So make sure to have a bud that's a technician!

Now for the next section, Cosmetics.

You have the ability to change your mech's outline color.

Also, you can change the mech's parts such as their legs, chassis, and thrusters.

The last section there is, is Equipment. Where you can change your weapons...

You can also change your hold items...

And then consumables. These are aids for you in Co-op Destruction matches. These will be helpful.

Now, this is your Career tab. This is just where your stats and awards are located.

Now, time to play!