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HAWKEN: War is A Machine Walkthrough Game Modes - Siege

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In Siege, you have to head to the EU's (Energy Units) and head to the collector to contribute to the battleship so it can launch. Also, their's an Anti Air station that you'll need to have control of to destroy enemy battleships and protect yours.

I start off by heading to the AA station and defend it since their was a brawl going down when I spawned in.

And finally I assisted in something!

Since I was so low on health, I decided to stay...

Defend as hard as I can...

Destroy a mech by myself...

Then die.

Since I was so close to one of the EU's, I rushed to there, Which is a good strategy.

Stay in range to collect as much energy as you can.

There was a enemy mech coming so I decided to get out and defend the area.

As soon as I got damaged and my teammates started to help, I went back to collect more.

After another enemy comes and almost kills me, I got all the energy I could. Off to deliver the energy at the DE icon on the radar.

When I delivered the energy, I regained all my health, which is why collecting energy might be better than defending the AA. But that all depends on your skills.

I went back to get more but died.

So defend the AA or be an offensive player and head to the EU's to get energy to contribute to the battleship's launching.