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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough Chapter 7 - Highway 17

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In this chapter, you'll be using a buggy. Which is fast but might hurt you as well. Tip: Just drive on normal speed, unless you have make a jump.

Flip your buggy with the gravity gun.

The great thing about this buggy is it have unlimited smg ammo at the back. So you can shoot without any worry.

Turn left...


Accelerate and jump to the other side.

Up here...

Now turn right. Don't go straight!

You can clear the wall in front or take some supplies at the house.

To get inside the house, use this path.

Arrange boxes to go up.

Keep moving...

Take some supplies of leave it.

Wait, dont miss this place. This is where you should be.

Now stop here. Some problems you have to do now..

Take out this.

When all cleared, get in your buggy and wait for the gate to open. Keep going...

Turn right!

Stop here...

Go inside this crane.

Take you buggy.

Bring it here. But don't drop it first. Swing your buggy to the bridge. It'll open a path for you.

Like this. Then go take your buggy.

Open the gate.

Go go...

You have to clear this path by using the gravity gun. Do quickly because enemy heli is on your tail.

The only way to destroy this is to toss it in water.

Shoot the barrel below the truck to make way.

Another road block. Get out and clear this area.

Find this and push it to the water.

Now stop here. Another road block ahead.

Grab this box so that you can climb up.

Crossbow! Yeah...

Below the tower, there's a door...

Now carefully jump


To turn off this force shield, use the gravity gun.

Press this button. This will off the force shield at the gate.

Fight this heli. If can, try to destroy it faster. The longer it alive, the lower your health.

Alternative and easy path to get back.

Continue your journey.

Careful now...

Just turn left and keep going. [END OF CHAPTER 7]