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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough Chapter 6 - We Don't Go To Revenholm

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Welcome to Ravenholm. A horror-like place but it's just bunch of stupid and annoying zombies. I hate this place. Really. Well, let's get going..

Through here.


Keep going...

Turn around this fire place. There's a gas tank that can be controlled to off the fire.

This is it. Use the valve.

You should able to handle this place.

At the second floor, switch off the power source. Then go back and get out from this building.

Go here...

Use the valve to turn off the fire.

You're now safe to climb the ladder.

Jump to this side.

Jump down to this path.

Get inside through the window.

Nice trap that could be fun playing it with zombies.

The second path is your key to the next area.

When you drop the car, quickly jump on it...

Tadaa.. A new path!

This is the correct way. Break the glass to get out.

Clear all the zombies on the ground. Grab some explosive barrels there and boom!!

When cleared, get your feet on the ground.

See carefully. There's a ladder at the right side. Climb it.

Get inside.

When you go out here. Turn left.

Go through the right opened door.

Go on...

At the highest floor, open this door. Lol, it's rhytm. :D

Listen to him. He's gonna give you gift.

Jump into the water.

Don't jump anywhere else. Just find this door (it should be sooo easy to find it) and enter it.

Through here...

Don't be scared now. Hold your shotgun. :D

Wait! Don't go any further. But go here. Through this dark path.

Open this door.

Through here.

Use this switch.

Go straight and turn right.

Turn right again.

Jump to the top.

Jump to this side.

Then, jump to the other side again.

Again do the same.

Keep going...

Just jump down to the stairs (at the right side). And keep going through the door.

Now, defend yourself while waiting the cart to arrive.


Follow this baldy.

It's time to say goodbye. No worry, he survived the zombies wave. His body dissapeared (if you noclip to him after the tank exploded) :P .. Well, keep going..

Jump carefully to the bottom.

To be safe, clear this area first.

Climb this stairs.

Jump to the other side.

Make sure below is safe before be on the ground.

If you want the supplies in front, just run and jump. Else, just jump into the water.

Now, jump on this barrier to the next side.

Finally. heat.. :D

One of the fun part. Just go up through this tunnel.


Sniper. Throw a gift to him.

Now, carefully go near the sniper post. Find anything to take cover.

Duck and go through down here.

Now, give him something.

Get around this train.

Enter this door and be prepared to fight.

When ready, enter this room. [END OF CHAPTER 6]