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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2 - A Red Letter Day

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Chapter 2 begins here... Just follow her. She'll bring you to the lab. Enjoy your time there.

Help plug in the power cable.

Too bad for you. This game won't be long if Lamar doesn't mess up with the device. Go through the power box (I think), there's a door behind.

Keep going ...

Wait for Barney. He have present for you. Everyone that loves Half-Life will like it.

Now you're are god. XD

Through here.

Quickly go straight here. Jump to the opened door at your right side.

Break all the boxes. There's a path behind.

Open this door.

Quickly go around the train (at your left side) . There's a path you can go.

Enter here.

Climb this ladder.

Jump to the next train and again jump pass the gate.

Use the crowbar to break. And keep going through the path forward.