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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough Chapter 1 - Point Insertion

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This is where the game starts. Wait in the train for a few secondss. Eventually, you will arrive at the destination.

Go through this door and keep going until you stopped at the security.

Follow this guy. He's not a bad guy.

After you had conversation with Barney, you have to get away and go to professor lab which is quite far. Barney asked you to get out from here. The adventure starts now! :) Now climb that ladder.

As you can see, the window is opened. Use you key to pickup a box. Put it near the window so that you can jump on the box and then jump out from the window.

Keep going until ...




Open this door.

Turn right and walk straight.

At some point, turn right and go up the ladder.

Go down through this .

Walk straight and turn right.

Walk straight and take note the path to the left.

This is it. Go through here.

Just go up the stairs until you find this.

Enter the room to the right.

Wait here for a while until the Civil Protection people outside the room go somewhere else.

Go up.

Run now!

Get away from them.

Go here.

Take this small path.

At the end of path, you can enter through the window.

Go down here, and dont worry. Alyx will save you. ;)

Follow her.