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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough Chapter 3 - Route Kanal

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The third chapter is here. Now go straight and turn left...

Kill both Civil Protection guy

Use your crowbar and go up.

Go here and move forward. Turn right ...

... and wait here for the train.

Jump to the top of the train.

Quickly jump to other platform at the left side. Then keep moving.

Break this and enter the building.

There are few supplies around this area. Grab it and go here.

To kill enemies from the other side. Just shoot the explosive barrel and your're done.

Now, shoot this barrel. There's a path behind.

Push this door. You can go through.

Jump through here.

Go straight and turn left.

Duck and enter the small path.

Go to the right.

Go up.

go ...

Make path using your crowbar.

Now, look carefully at your right side. Move forward a little and there's a path. Jump down into the drain.

Go straight until here.

Climb this ladder.

The path is opened. Now go... look for something that you can use your crowbar.

Like this and break it to pieces.

Use your crowbar to break all the blocking things here.

Move here.

Eliminate all enemies here before going.

Now go inside this path.

Turn left and go straight.

Climb this ladder (near the radio located on the table).

Now shoot this barrel. It will make a path for you. Before rushing to move, kill all the enemies first.

Jump down at the end of the path. Just move, no need to duck or something. It's a zig zag path.

Go straight.

Go through this.

Go down and move to another path.

Just jump into the water. FInd a safe place to avoid the enemies.

Wait until all barrels exploded. Now the new path will opened.

Go through it and keep moving.

Go around this truck.

Shoot this barrel and keep going.

Duck and use your crowbar to move the blocking barrel.

Be careful here.

Jump into the water again but dont hide in the water.

Wait for it to explode.

There'a a ladder at far right. Climb it.

Go straight and turn left.

Go in here...

To get pass here. Pick this and put it at the end there. Once enough (about 5-6), you can quickly jump to another side.

Now quickly run and jump!

Turn left.

Turn left and go straight. Watch out for helicopter.

Clear this barrels so that you can enter the door. Open it once cleared.

"Turn left.

"Turn right

And then turn right again.

At the left side, there's a path.

This is it. Go through here.

Again, do the same like before. Path to your left.

Keep going...

When you open the door. Turn left.

Through this stair.

Go go...

Break all this things with your crowbar.

Destroy this things and go through this path. But wait...

Climb the ladder and take supplies first.

Careful here.

This is the way.

Attack the barrel and open this door. Go through it.

Jump down.

Go straight.

Go into the water.

Follow the flow and the spinner...

And you'll find a small path below. Move through it...

When you get out of the water, if the path is dead end. Turn back and jump to another side.

*Jump to this side. Or else just keep moving.

Through this stairs.

Walk on top of the big pipe.. Watch out for hot steam.

Break these.

Duck and keep moving.

Be careful now. Those explosive barrels can hurt you very badly. Avoid contact with that.

Now enter here.

Open this door and prepare to fight.

In here...

Now, it's good to shoot those barrels first. In case something bad happen, the barrels wont exploded next to you.

To continue, climb this ladder.

And jump to this pipe. It'll take few try (or even hundreds) if you're noob! :P

You're in correct path.

Climb down this ladder. But do not get into the water. Nothing there.

Instead, climb down until here.

Look at the white pipe. Jump at it.

Press use button to this.

Now, get into the water. Look at the other side. At the bottom, shoot the blocking wood. All of it. It will release something you need.

Now get back to where you came from. It'll be full of water now.

Go down through the ladder.

Turn back and enter this path. It's now opened.

Get out from the water using the ladder and jump on the floating things to get to the other side.

You're good to go.

Go to the other side.

Jump down and keep moving.

Turn around if dead end.

Stop here and turn left. You can jump up. There's a path. Use the broken ladder.

Go go...

Use that ladder to climb up.

Watch your step.

Now jump down here and move through the path.

Avoid the toxic substances.

You have to walk carefully down there. A survivor camp is located at the end of the path.

Get going...

Go go..



Through here...


Owh yeah!

Get out from the hovercraft. Find a something to open the gate.

Like this.

Keep going.. [END OF CHAPTER 3]