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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough Chapter 8 - Sandtraps

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Keep going, be careful .. Few headcrabs and zombies here.

Clear this path as usual, using the gravity gun.

Find a safe place to stop.

Clear this area.

When cleared, just keep going. No switch or whatsoever here.

But different for this. Now get inside the house to the left.

Take this battery and...

Put it here.

Another battery is in this car, near the house. Use the gravity gun to push the metal aside. Then take the battery and place it to the last slot.

Go go...

Owh no more buggy! :(

Defend this area. When the gun ship start shooting at you..

Then this is your solution. Take this rockets in the lighthouse. Blow them all.

A secret door.

Keep away from the sand. Don't waste your ammo.

Ahh, this must be done quickly.

Take this path if you hate the antlion.

Find some generator and power it on.

Through this rocky path..

Now just jump down on the ground. You'll be fighting a giant antlion.

Those barrels might help.

Whoa, a new weapon! He'll teaches you how to use it.

Now you're an antlion master!

Turn off this generator. So that your antlions can follow you.

Take cover and use the antlions to do the job.

This is the safest path.

Find this door and go through it.

Turn left.

Go straight.

Go go...

Take this small path.

Hit this wood with your crowbar.

Gooo up!

Jump here.

Through here...

Climb up...

Toss the pheropod, end of life. =)

Damn heli!

When all the heli destroyed, a new path opened.

Use the valve here.

Another one here.

Finally, open this door. [END OF CHAPTER 8]