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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough Chapter 10 - Anticitizen One

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Now it's time to rebel! Go free the city Freeman!

Dog will clear the way.

Through here.

Go ...

Now go to the right. There's a gate that will open. If not, wait for a while.

This is the way...

Move this using the gravity gun.

Clear this annoying thing.

Go right.

Don't fight this. You don't have enough rocket.


Go on...

Get out here.

Through here..

Take this small path.

At the 2nd floor, enter this room.

Move on...

Move your ...

Jump down.

Through this broken glass.

Go here and turn right.

Do it!

Get into this building.

Go down...

Go go!


Turn right.

Shoot the lock.

Defend this place.


Duck and keep going.

Make your way to the other side.

Use any items to avoid the toxic.

Get on to this white car.

Enter the path to the right.

Open this door to allow your follower to come here.

Go up.

"Keep going

Drop down.

Now wait for the door to open.

Looks like a hole. So, go through it.


Another one.

Go go!

Use this switch and cross the bridge.

This place a little tricky.

When you found stair, go up.

Don't go straight but turn right.

Go down through the right hole.

When you see this path, turn left. Go straight if you wants to get some med kit.

Whoa. Look who's coming! :D

Go down.

Here... Wait for Alyx to hack the security system.

When the door opened. Go go!

Now defend this area.

Owh yeah...

Now just go down there.


Use gravity gun.

Take out the barrels with gravity gun. So that you can climb on top of the pipe.

Move straight

Enter here.


Now, use the gravity gun to open this door.

Go down here and move straight.

Climb this ladder.

Turn left.

Through here.

Climb up through here.

No biggie, just run there.

Pull it.

When the platform is near, push it and quickly jump to the platform.

Climb up.

Through here...


Then, climb the ladder in front (at the white tank). See carefully.

Jump to ther path below.

And do the same here.

This is it. [END OF CHAPTER 10]