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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough Chapter 11 - Follow Freeman

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This time, things gonna get rough. More enemies, more insane robots versus Freeman and some useless followers that doesn't do much. So, it's all up to you. :)

Watch out for snipers.

Take cover whenever possible until you reach the suitable location to throw a grenade.

Got one, another one to go.

Break the glass so that you can take cover inside.

Just head to the door.

Go down here.

Poor guy.

Through this door and as always, be careful.

Grenades box! Now the snipers gonna feel it's blast.

Go up.

Clear this area from snipers.

Use some creativity to go near Barney. Do a shield. Make sure it's big enough.

Follow him.


Go up.

Now you gotta act fast. Avoid the laser beam. The blast radius is quite large. Beware.

Find place to cover.

Go here. But... Just go you'll know..

The path is blocked but you can always find another ways. Turn back.

Actually, this is the real way. Go through here.

Run and find this door.

Now go.

Go go...

Here, pull the plug using the gravity gun.

Wait for the door.

Go here. Prepare your grenade.

Go up.

Get ready.

At the middle room, shoot the energy ball with the gravity gun.

There're two path to take. Left and right. But now, lets go left first.

Turn right.

Now turn left. Enter the room.

Tricky part. Find a way to jump.

First jump on this.

Jump there.







Walk through the pipe.

Use the switch.

Turn right after this.

1 to go!

Get back to where you came.

Turn left.

Go straight.

Go straight and turn left. Enter the door.

Just stay alive here especially Barney. Defend him too.

Release the energy ball. Now, the generator is off. Good job.

When you walk outside, be prepared to fight.

Through this door. (pointed)

To the roof!

Fight this gunship.

The ammo is here. Use it to destroy gunship.

When the gunship destroyed, go here. If the door doesn't open, wait for a while. Go somewhere else first then come back. It'll open for sure.

Finally it opens.

Go down here.

Careful now. The tripod robot is quite tough. 3 direct rocket hits needed to destroy it completely.

But you need find some ammo for rockets. Find it by going through here.

Go up.

Enter here. The ammo is enough to kill two robots if all rockets hit the target.

No, not this way.

Go here.

Ammo supplies. Now eliminate the remaining robots.

Now go straight.

Through down here.

Keep going...

Go here.

Down here.

Go left.

Go up.

Seriously. GO hide somewhere else. This laser beam is really strong. Fast.

Go up.


Kill all robots before going.

Then continue... Move on.

Go Freeman!

Just now, turn around the car and go straight. This isn't the path before.

Go through here.

Don't fight this. Just go to the path under it when you got chance.


Be careful...


Go up.

At some point, the robot will shoot its laser.

More supplies for you.

Here too..

Go up.

Now, you have enough ammo to kill those robots.

Go here.

Turn around and you'll see this small path.

Walk carefully here.

Jump down...

Dog will open a path for you.

Keep going... ;) [END OF CHAPTER 11]