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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough Chapter 12 - Our Benefactors

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Go straight...

Turn left and you'll find the rocky path that you can go.

Jump carefully to other side.

Go go...

Go here and jump.


There's a path to go up.

Go here.. and jump down...

Take the left path and continue follow the path.

Jump down here.

Looks high but just jump. :)

Walk straight and turn left.

You have to enter into one of this. But not this one. Behind it. Wait for it to go and quickly cross the bridge and turn around.

Have you done the step before? Then, get inside this.

Enjoy the scenary.

Upgraded gravity gun! See the real power...

Now you can grab people from far away and toss it with high speed!

Go go...

Jump down.

Find a path where the elevator located.

To disable the force shield, grab the energy ball at the left side.

Same for this one.

Go on...

Remember to charge your suit. Your suit also upgraded. It can heal and maximum power increased to 200.

Clear this area.

When cleared, go to the middle of the area. You'll lifted to higher place.

So much fun!

Now, you have to be careful a bit. :) Keep going forward.

Use the energy ball to destory the robot.

Also, do the same like before. Take out the energy balls.

Again, turn around and get into that thing.

Quick, enter it.

You're clever Freeman. Never think about camera? xD Well, let's enjoy the show.

Too bad for you.. :(

It's time to be hero!

Don't leave behind this gun.

Go right.

Wait until this thing rise up. Then quickly go through the opened path.

Release the energy balls and keep moving.

Wait until the time where you can jump on top of it. It'll bring you to the higher place.

Now go.

Again, wait for something that you can jump on it.

When you see the charger, jump towards it.

Besides the charger, turn left and again, jump on it.

Jump here.

Once more, do the same thing here.

Finally, the final fight start!

Take the energy balls and shoot to the center. Repeat until it explode.

Just continue shooting. Aim for the shield.

When all shield destroyed. Shoot it for the last time. =)

Congratulations! Now, you have beaten the game! Thank you for using this walkthrough. [END OF CHAPTER 12]