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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough Chapter 9a - Entanglement

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A new chapter! You'll find your lost girlfriend again... :D

Alyx!! Heyy!! Stuupid Freeman can't even talk. Duhh...

Follow her.

She's gonna leave you again...

Wait for Alyx to open the gate.

Secret path behind...

Go go...

Through here...

Throw a grenede into this room.


To the right.

Defend this area..

Go straight.

"Now you'll be here.

"Jump to this pipe

"Beware of this monster.

"Jump to this side.

Arrange this blue barrels to make a bridge.

Go go!

Jump down.

Again, defend this area.

She came back! Follow her.

Owh girls fight.

And once more, defend this area. :)

You too! =) Follow dog and jump down. [END OF CHAPTER 9a]