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Half-Life: Opposing Force Walkthrough Welcome to Black Mesa

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Shephard wakes up in a lab. Some other soldiers were not as lucky as him.

Continue down the corridor.

You will see a soldier being carried on a stretcher.

Walk towards the end of this room to find your armor.

Pick up the armor from the table. It will give you an indicator for health and energy. You can use night-vision by pressing F as well.

Move past the MRI scanner room.

You will see a zombie attacking a scientist. You can't do anything to help.

Go past the busted door.

Go down the stairs and talk to the guard by pressing E.

Once he stops talking go near the retinal scanner near the door while he is following you. He will open the door for you.

Walk over the pipe wrench to pick it up. Holding right mouse button will swing the wrench much harder.

Avoid the lasers by ducking under them.

Go near this mirror and bash it with the wrench to stop all lasers.

Continue up the stairs.

Some headcrabs will drop from the ceiling. You can just run past them if you wish.

Jump over the green goo to avoid damage.

Go up the stairs.

Go through the corridor with boxes. If you destroy the boxes you might find some useful items inside.

Approach the end of the destroyed path.

Jump to the other side of the chasm.

Jump to the other side here.

Keep jumping up the small path.

Once you are up here, jump to the right side and enter the building on the right. You will get a knife by walking over the corpse of the vortigaunt.

Enter a small hole in the wall.

Go down the pipes.

Enter the big gates.

You will see an electrified fence.

A guard will try to escape but he will be electrocuted. Do not get near the fence at this moment.

To the right of the fenced area is a vent. Get through there.

The power generator will fire bolts around. You will have to time your run towards the left vent.

When you enter the fenced area you will find the generator control on the right. Flip the switch to turn off the power.

Get back through the tunnel with big gates and pass under the wing of the aircraft now that the power is turned off.

Using a radio such as this one can give you information. Go down the ladder on the left afterwards.

When you go down the ladder find a door nearby.

Watch out for some vortigaunts. Try to avoid the white steam.

Go down another ladder.

Enter this gray door.

Two vortigaunts will come down from the lift here.

You might want to save before you jump forward here. The whole place will start crashing down and it will get flooded by radiation eventually. Don't even try to get to the ladder. You will have to wait for a part of the upper platform to crash down so you can climb up higher.

Once you are up, you will have to wait for the G-man to open the door for you.

Go up the lift.

When you arrive in this place, look to your left.

Jump up the crates and go to the moving platform.

You will reach the controls for the platform.

When you position the platform somewhere in front of the gate on your left press the button.

Reach the buttons near the gate on the left to open it.

Use the platform you moved to jump over the goo and reach the crates on the other side.

You can jump safely to the dry spot in front.

Crouch under the barrier to proceed.

Enter the cracked pipe.

Proceed down the flooded area.

Somewhere to the left you will find a ladder going up.

Try to avoid the barnacles' tongues.

Pass over this path.

There's some ammo for your pistol and a grenade in a container nearby.

When you reach this place look to your left.

The robot is stuck behind the crates. Shoot the crates with explosives sign to unstuck the robot.

Wait for the robot to pass through this area.

Afterwards go down the ladder.

Use the crates to jump to the other side.

Use the controls to drain the goo.

Open the gates from the buttons on the right.

Use a lift.

Go up the path.

Push this cart near the tram car.

When the cart is near the tram, jump from the bar to the tram.

Go on a relaxing tram ride for a while.