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Half-Life: Opposing Force Walkthrough Missing in Action

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Go towards the end of the narrow path.

Crouch under here to get in.

Get through the vents but beware that some of the tiles can break and you will drop down a place with electrified water.

If you drop down here you will have to get back up to the vents again.

At the end of the small vents you will reach two big fans. Walk over the small paths to reach the other side.

Jump to the other fan from here.

You might have to take some damage when you pass through the steam.

Go down here.

Jump down the hole that is under the broken fan. You will have to do it fast because even with one propeller the fan is still deadly.

Cross this section when you wait for the flames to pass.

Enter a vent.

Another set of flames to cross.

Proceed through the pipe.

Go towards the box with red sign.

Push the box with the danger sign forward.

You need to push the explosives box in the place beyound the striped line.

Press the test fire button that is near you to set off a chain explosion.

Go down the hole that was created by the explosion.

Fight off some aliens as you go down the cave.

Follow the pipes that go down.

Enter the vent.

Get down on the road.

The dying soldier will give you some info.

Go to your left from here.

Go past the crates and prepare to fight a new type of alien.

This alien is fast and will rush you down but you can avoid it by going back as it tries to attack. It can shoot spikes as a ranged attack as well.

Go up the stairs to the service elevator.

Look outside the elevator shaft.

Jump to the ladder.

Go down the elevator shaft and enter the elevator.

You can climb up the elevator vent here.

Jump from the elevator to the fallen door here.

Go through here and try to avoid the cable at the center.

Jump up the crates here.

Go to your right and enter the place with grates.

Cut the power from this switch.

Get back to the elevator shaft and jump on the cable to climb up.

Jump on top of the elevator. Try to swing from the rope so the jump is easier.

Go down the corridor.

Push the small box under the vent to get inside it.

Exit through the destroyed wall.

Get back to the corridor where you left the small box.

Push the box near the barricaded corridor to jump to the other side.

Pick up a grenade from here.

Use the grenade to throw it at the explosive box.

The explosion will create a big hole in the wall.

Push the small box yet again. This time through the hole you just created.

Push the box under the next vent and enter.

Go through the office.

Jump down here.

Pull the lever.

Use the nearby radio.

A few soldiers will crash through the maintenance access.

Get the engineer soldier to follow you to the door that is nearby. He will open it with his blow-torch.

You can order both soldiers to follow you in the elevator. You can use the extra firepower.