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Half-Life: Opposing Force Walkthrough We are pulling out

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When the tram stops you can find a pistol on the left.

Get past the guard that is trying to reach a candy bar.

Go up the stairs.

Wait for events to transpire here. A previously unseen alien species will attack the people in the next room. When the attack ends the window will break and you can enter the next room.

Approach the lift at the end of the corridor.

Press the button to use the lift.

Prepare to fight some aliens when the lift reaches the top.

Jump on top of the recharging station to reach the vent.

Climb up a ladder.

The soldiers are ready to leave the base.

You will see one of the soldiers giving commands to someone over the radio. This ties in with the original Half-Life game.

A soldier will push back a scientist in this room. You can get some supplies from there. Afterwards go down stairs.

The hangar door will close before you can reach it and you won't be able to escape. You will see the G-man on the other side though.

He has other plans for you.

After a short while an alien will destroy part of the wall. Get inside there.