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Half-Life: Opposing Force Walkthrough We Are Not Alone

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Press the button on the left to open the gate.

You will catch a glimpse of Gordon Freeman as he is jumping into a teleport. You can't follow him though.

Fight off the flying aliens and eventually a teleport will appear on top of the fallen ramp.

Climb the ramp to reach the teleport.

The teleport will send you to Xen. Jump to the other platform in front of you.

Walk over the jump pad to gain height.

Jump from the pad to the platform above you.

Jump to the next platform where a scientist falls down.

Get the experimental energy weapon. Firing with the left mouse will send a powerful bolt of energy forward that kills anything nearby. Pressing the right mouse button will teleport you in some other area. You might find items or some other interesting stuff in there but the teleportation drains a lot of ammo.

Use the next jump pad to get to a higher platform.

The next jump pad is guarded by houndeyes. Kill them from a safe distance and use the pad.

When you reach the highest platform you will have to jump into the teleport below.