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Half-Life: Opposing Force Walkthrough Pit Worm's Nest

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Exit the sewage area.

Use the red lever to open the door.

Climb the ladder.

Enter the waste processing area 3.

The pit worm is blocking your way. It can shoot a laser from its eye. You can hide behind any solid object and it can't hit you. Shoot its eye to stun the creature temporarily.

Run to the right side. You have to activate a machine to kill the creature.

Go down here.

Enter a vent below the destroyed stairs.

The controls for the toxic waste are in here. But you need to activate the valve and the gearbox first.

Go through door with number 3.

Go up a ladder.

Press the lever to the steam vent.

Go back and through the door with number 2.

The dead soldiers will show you the way.

Climb up the boxes to reach the other side.

Jump over the green goo.

Use the lift.

A few aliens are in this room.

Press the red button to activate the crusher.

The crusher will reveal a vent grate once it destroys all the trash.

Drop down the vent.

Break through here.

Cross the path.

Press the red button to activate the gearbox pump.

Go back to the place where you dropped down before. The water level will begin to rise. Just wait until you can exit through the vent above.

Time to get back up.

Use the barnacle to pull yourself to the pressure valve.

Use the valve.

Now you are ready to press the red button that will flush the toxic waste.

The creature will die violently.

Once the thing is dead press the bridge control button.

Cross over the bridge that just extended before you.