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Half-Life: Opposing Force Walkthrough Foxtrot Uniform

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Pull up the green wall.

Latch onto the green goo on the ceiling here.

Exit the sewers.

Get the machine gun from the container and get ready to kill some black-ops.

Go towards the red containers.

Move up through here.

Watch out for the black-op on the tower.

Crouch and enter this hole.

Two soldiers are pinned by snipers here.

Try to use the containers as cover if you can.

Enter the sniper's tower from here.

You can get the sniper's scoped rifle from here.

This path will be blocked. Do no try to blow up the explosives because it will end the game. Go to the right instead.

Go around here.

Enter this place.

More black-ops are waiting outside.

Go through the big gates.

A big fight between the black-ops and the aliens will happen here. You can wait for them to kill eachother.

Go down the ladder that is between the crates.

The tunnels here will be very dark so you need to use your nightvision all the time. The aliens here will be many so it's best to try to avoid them.

When you reach this tunnel you will know you are on the right path.

Climb the ladder here.

Many aliens will attack you from this tunnel.

The labyrinthian tunnels will be crawling with big aliens. It's best to run for it and try to not get cornered.

The ladder will lead you out of the tunnels at the end.

Wait for the soldiers to open the grate for you.

Get some ammo and bring the soldiers with you. A big battle is about to happen.

As you go outside the aliens will attack.

If you need healing, you can hold the E button near the medic and he will heal you. Go forward near the blue containers.

Pass through this blue container.

Avoid the fire if you can.

Watch out for the big guy.

Go to the left here.

Enter the secure access door.

Some recharging stations.

A gargantua is trapped here. Don't get near it.

Jump in the water instead.

Use your barnacle to pull yourself on the green goo.

Use the plunger near the soldiers to blow up the gargantua.

The explosion will make a hole in the pipe.

Take a ride down the long pipe.