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Half-Life Walkthrough Forget About Freeman

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The ceiling will start to fall down in this room. Climb up the rocks on the left to exit.

There will be just enough space to pass to the next area.

Use the computer to activate a turret in the next hall. It can help you against some aliens but you will have to dodge its fire as well.

Aliens will start spawning here once you go forward. The turret is up behind the crates if you wish to use it.

When you fight your way go down the path.

This road leads two ways. Go left if you wish to find some supplies and get into some fights for no reason. Otherwise go right to continue with the game.

This hatch is blocked by a snark mine. Use the valve to open the hatch first. Then shoot the brown egg and the snarks will drop down the hatch and die off.

When you go down the ladder go under a laser.

Jump over the grate to enter the tunnel leading to the west.

Continue forward through the water on the left.

Stock up on rockets before you exit this place.

Destroy the tank with your rocket launcher and kill the soldiers.

Move inside the Black Mesa central complex.

Use the elevator.

Jump over the green goo to avoid radiation damage.

Big battle ensues in the repair bay.

Use the tank controls in the turret to blow the gate in front of you.

Move inside the path you created.

Use your rockets to destroy an alien cannon on the left.

Use the keypad to open the big gates.