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Half-Life Walkthrough Lambda Core

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Press the button and then go on a ride down the lift.

Shoot some headcrabs and jump up the crates to reach the first aid station on top.

When you are done here go through the big gates on the right.

You will reach another hangar area with crates and containers. This means only one thing, an ambush from assassins.

Don't let them use hit and run tactics. Find some spot where you can wait for them and you can kill the assassins one by one.

Climb up the stairs.

Continue to the right to go to the next area. If you go left and down some stairs you will reach recharging stations.

Pass the gates.

When you kill the aliens in this area the scientist will open the door for you.

Get up the lift.

Go inside the test firing chamber to get a new weapon.

The gluon gun is the most powerful weapon in the game but it uses the scarce ammo quickly. You can test it on some aliens locked up in the cages nearby.

Proceed up the elevator on the right side of the corridor.

The alien activity in this area will be high. You will have to start up the reactor.

Go right to the maintenance station to resupply.

The guard is protecting this area.

The scientist will tell you that you have to start the reactor.

Go left to exit this corridor. Remember that you will have to reach the reactor from this corridor once you have started up the coolant system.

Follow the blue corridor to reach the first coolant system.

Go up the stairs.

Follow the path forward.

Jump down and press the red button to start the first coolant pump.

The indicators should be green now.

Now backtrack from the first pump room and go to the second one.

Follow the orange corridor.

Pass under the debris.

Go up the stairs.

Turn the valve to shut off the steam.

Press the red button to start pump 2.

Every light should be green now.

Now is time to get back to the corridor you were in before and go left to reach the reactor.

Jump down the water and enter the maintenance access.

Turn the valve to start the coolant system.

Do the same with the other valve.

The water level will start to rise. Swim up and climb the ladder.

Jump across the platforms to go up and try to dodge the beams.

Go inside the elevator shaft.

Climb the ladder and jump on the door to reach the upper floor.

Follow the red corridor.

The valve can turn off the steam but you might want to use it to kill some aliens first.

Enter core level B.

This area is a puzzle somewhat and can get confusing. You have to enter the appropriate portals to reach the end. But some portals lead to a dead end. Most of the time you will be teleported to this starting area and you can try again.

When you enter the first portal you have to time it so you land on the moving platfort. The platform will be spinning around teleport entrances. Only one leads to a higher floor.

Enter port number 2 to go up one floor.

Next enter port 4. If you miss the platform spinning above you, you will most likely fall to your death. You have to time when you enter each port.

Enter port 7.

Next area has some spinning platforms and one walkway that goes up and down in the middle.

Be fast and use the platforms to reach one of the buttons around this zone.

When you press both buttons the center that protects the teleport will open.

Get inside the teleport at the center once the barriers are open.

Follow the red corridor.

Go up the ladder.

Enter the lambda reactor core.

The scientists are waiting for you in here.

Stock up on ammo and weapons from the storage rooms.

The scientist will give you the booster jump device from the container on the right. Press crouch and jump and the same time to perform a long forward jump.

Once you are ready enter the reactor. Wait for the scientist to start up the teleport at the center.

Climb up the ladder to gain a height advantage.

Some aliens will start teleporting to you. Fight them off until the scientist tells you to go in the portal.

Once you are told to go, enter the portal to reach the alien world Xen.