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Half-Life Walkthrough Residue Processing

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Approach the structure at the end of the canyon.

Turn the valve to drain the water. Then climb up the stairs fast so you can drop down inside without fall damage.

Destroy the grate to exit the vent.

Climb up a ladder to reach the waste processing contraptions. Jump across the solid blocks to reach the vent.

Wait for the presses to go up to use them as platforms to reach the vent.

Follow the left pipe then jump across the right one at the very end. If you jump on the unstable part of the pipe it will crash down and you have to climb up to try again.

Last processing unit to cross.

Go up the conveyor belt.

You will fall down.

Get out the water here.

Swim down.

Crouch and go as low as you can to pass under the roller.

Get out of the water here. Go up the stairs.

You will reach some conveyors with crushers. Go to your right.

Press the middle lever to make the conveyor belt roll forward.

Go in a room behind the conveyors. Press the button there to stop the crushers for a few seconds. Use that time to climb the conveyors and pass safely.

Prepare to dodge some crushers from the sides.

Next are some crushers from above.

Jump to the next conveyor.

Ride the conveyor to the end then jump to the right again.

Pass a furnace. You will take some minor damage.

Pass down some more conveyors.

Jump down when you see the stairs sign. Follow the directions until you reach the stairs.

Climb the stairs.

At the top of the stairs jump on the conveyor belt on your left.

When you turn around you will see that the other side of the conveyor path is mined. Shoot the tripwire mine and go against the current of the conveyor to pass through there.

Before you get crushed by a roller jump on the next conveyor belt.

Fall down the hole and try to avoid the crusher.

Climb up the ladder with lights.