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Half-Life Walkthrough Interloper

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There is a very fast way to leave this area. Jump down and approach the big hole on the left. A spike will rise from it. Go on top of it and jump from there on one of the passing manta aliens.

Take a ride on the back of the manta alien.

The alien will fly near the rock with the teleport. Enter the port to leave this area.

This area has a gargantua alien patrolling it. You don't have to fight it though. Jump inside the small hole that is near the tentacle alien.

Climb up here.

Run inside here and go left. The garg will be on your heels probably.

Use your booster jump to go across the chasm.

Walk on the pathway near the aliens. Use grenades on them if you have to.

Enter the portal.

Go through the passage in the middle.

A lot of aliens will be here naturally. Fight your way.

Go up one floor.

Use the platform to go up.

The blue chambers will replenish your life.

Jump on top of the elevator to reach even higher.

Jump on the conveyor. The go on the left one.

Drop down after the container. Avoid shooting these keg looking containers because they have grunts inside.

Some supplies are nearby.

Jump on the small platform to go up.

Follow the conveyor.

Go through the passage up ahead.

The platform on the left will lift you up.

Enter the passage.

Go through the tight corridor. The containers will block your way but you can jump on top of them to avoid getting attacked by the grunts inside.

Enter the red vents.

Drop down the bars to reach the lower ground.

Go up left from here.

Use the spinning lift to go up.

Use the second lift.

One more lift to go.

When you are high enough jump inside the green teleport.

Jump from rock to rock until you reach the small island with spikes and lights.

Enter the red teleport and prepare for the final fight.