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Halo 3 Walkthrough Holdout - Last One Out Gets The Lights

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Turn right at the next corner. Follow this hallway. Before the door will be another Cortana cut scene.

After the cut scene, go through the door. Open the door to the left.

Kill the grunt in front of you and hold RB to man the plasma cannon.

If you hold the B button you will rip the plasma cannon free from the turret.

Go forward and down the ramps. At the bottom of the ramps will be a grunt manning another plasma cannon.

Walk to the left towards a big room. Just before the room are two plasma cannons. There is one on each side of the hallway.

There is one more plasma cannon in the room. To the left of the last cannon is the door to the ops center.

Climb the ramps to the top. Open the door. Go in to the ops center.

Fight the Covenant forces in the room. Go down the stairs to the bomb. Hold RB to arm the bomb.

Climb the stairs up to the landing with the stairs to the hangar.

Go down the stairs and then to the right. You will run in to grunts near the door.

Grunts and Jackals will attack you in the next room.

The stairs are to the left of the door. Climb the stairs to the top and go through the door.

Head right in the hallway after the door. At the next doorway Cortana talks again.

Follow this hallway until the T section. Head left through a door.

A bunch of grunts and drones will head left. Go left and kill the grunts.

Follow this hallway until you reach the door to the left.

Follow this hallway until you can't go forward anymore and then go left.

To the right is a door, but when the Chief goes through Cortana talks again.

Head through one of the doors and in to the hangar. Fight the grunts and jackals in here.

In the back and on the right is a hallway. Go down the ramp in this hallway. At the bottom to the left is the elevator.

Use the elevator. Another Cortana cut scene. This brings the Master Chief to the end of mission 2.