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Halo 3 Walkthrough Assault - Ghost Town

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Just sit back and enjoy the drive to the base. Walk up the ramp to the door.

Open the door. When you are inside go forward and then up the stairs to the left.

Go through the door to the right at the top of stairs.

Turn right and follow the hallway. Go through the door at the end of hallway.

Turn right and ahead and to the right will be switch for door for the warthog.

Go down to ground level and use the switch next to the door to open the door.

Follow the tunnel to another door. Hit the switch to open the door.

After you hit the switch you can either jump in the warthog as a gunner or take a Covenant ghost that is nearby.

Once you are outside take out the ground troops and enemy ghost vehicles. The primary target is an anti-aircraft wraith.

Take the wraith out once you kill the other Covenant forces. Kill any remaining wraith in the area.

When the warthog enters the building near the last wraith, jump out. Climb the stairs and kill any grunts or brutes up here.

The door between bays will open. Cross in to the next bay. Stock up on ammo next to the warthog.

Now jump in the warthog gunner seat. As you start down the tunnel Cortana will speak again.

Jump out of the warthog. Climb on the mongoose that has an empty driver seat. You can get in either in the driver seat or the passenger seat.

Just drive around and let the gunner shoot the AA wraith and drop ships. When the area is clear you get message about something big coming your way.