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Halo 3 Walkthrough Assault - Judgement

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To kill the Scarab Tank drive under it and the gunner will shoot it.

Once the scarab drops to its knees, jump off the mongoose and then jump inside the scarab.

Go up the ramp and outside. Go around either side. In the back is the core.

Destroy the core. Once the core goes critical, it's time to jump off the scarab.

Find cover before it blows up. After the scarab is destroyed go to the building the scarab climbed over.

At the top of the ramp go right to a door. Follow the hallway to a room. Inside the room Cortana will talk again.

Go through the door. Follow this hallway as it winds around. You will come to a door that opens on its own.

Make your way forward through this room. Kill all the covenant forces your find. Some warehouse workers will be in trouble.

Kill the brutes chasing them.

Go through the door in back left corner.

Turn and head right to another door. Covenant forces will be waiting at the door. Two hunters will be at the head of the pack.

Take them down with some grenades if you can. Otherwise shoot them from behind.

Clean up the remaining covenant forces outside. Follow the path to the right.

The path will end in a big open area. The anti-aircraft cannon is the huge thing in the background. Sweet.

Run up the hill, killing any grunts, jackals, and brutes that try and stop you. Grab the chain gun on the way. It will speed the killing spree.

When the area is clear, wait for the cannon to fire. When it does a chamber on the bottom opens.

There is a glowing white/blue object in there, shoot the white/blue object.

The AA Cannon will fall shortly. This brings the Chief to the end of the 4th Mission.