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Halo 3 Walkthrough The Road - The Broken Path

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Go under the bridge. On the other side will be some lonely grunts and brutes.

After you cure the covenant forces, the road goes to the left.

Go up the hill on the left and rip the chain gun from its turret. Some brutes will be dropped off.

After you have been taken care of the brutes, a wraith shows up. Take it out as well.

A warthog will be dropped off. Jump in the turret again.

As the warthog goes around the rock, there will be a sniper in the hover vehicle.

There are also three of those cycle things. The driver will stay in the area until the covenant forces are dead.

After the cave there will be two brutes and then two cycles.

Around the hill will be 5 cycles, 2 wraiths, and 2 turrets on the hill.

Once the covenant forces are dead, the driver will drive up the back side of the hill and get on the road again.

The warthog will stop at a road block. Jump out of the warthog.

Run along the road. Coming down the backside of the hill there will be like 10 brutes and a turret. Get close to the turret and take the gunner out.

Once all the covenant forces are dead run through the shield. Then destroy the plasma emitter.

This will bring the Chief to the end of mission 3.