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Halo 3 Walkthrough Holdout - Know Your Role

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Climb up the stairs. Then climb down the stairs in the floor.

At the T section, go to the right.

Go through the door. Go up the stairs to the left.

You will hear an explosion. The hangar is to the left of the stairs.

Go through the door. Then walk to the right. Follow this hallway to a T section.

Head left at T section to a door. Go through the door and the grunts are to your left.

Follow this path until you reach a hallway to the left.

Follow this hallway. Go left when you can't go forward anymore.

Go through the door to the right.

Go through either door here in to the hangar.

There are two Covenant Dropships here. Kill the Covenant ground troops in the hangar.

Once the hangar is clear you get the message to go back to the op center. Head back to the ops center.

Just before you reach the ops center drones attack you.

Go through door. Go left when you can, then up the stairs.