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Halo 3 Walkthrough Holdout - Gift With Purchase

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At the top of stairs the Chief gets new orders. Turn around and climb the stairs to the top.

Go through the door. Go down the ramps to the next door.

In this room will be a lot of brutes. Kill them while trying to make it up the ramps.

At the top of the ramps is a door to the right.

Go to the right. At the open chute a drone will pop out. Kill the drone.

Drop down the chute.

At the bottom another cut scene from Cortana will begin.

Turn left and follow this vent shaft. About halfway across, the room will shake. Five drones will attack you.

After you destroy the drones, continue across the shaft. At the end is another chute down.

Drop down to the next level. Then go out the door and drop down again.

On the platform, there is a door to you left.

Go through the door and to the right.

Up ahead will be a brute holding a marine. Kill the brute.

Go to the left. Kill the brutes as you continue down this hallway.

At the corner head to the right. Follow this hallway until you can go right again.

Follow this hallway until you reach a door.

Go through the door and then to the right. Open this door as well.

To the left is an elevator.

Activate the elevator by holding the RB button. Wait for it to come down to you. Get in the elevator.

Activate the elevator. At the top of elevator, brutes with jet packs attack.

After the fight, the Chief gets new orders. To the left of where you entered from is stairs down.

At the bottom of stairs go right.