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Halo 3 Walkthrough The Road - Full Contact Safari

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There is a door to your right. Go through both doors.

In the vehicle bay jump in a Warthog. Let a marine drive.

The marine will start driving through the cave. Just before the exit, some covenant troops attack.

Once outside the driver will go in a few loops while you take out the grunts and brutes.

Over the hill will be a couple jackals next to a downed phantom.

A sniper will be in a hover vehicle. After him on the top of the next hill, will be some grunts and brutes. The driver will stay until you kill them all.

Around the bend will be some marines being attacked by what look like motorcycles. Kill them and the grunts to move on.

When the driver starts hitting the plasma field blocking the tunnel, jump out if the warthog by pressing RB. Go around the plasma field and smash the emitter with the B button.

Get back in the turret. When the driver stops the warthog at the end of the road, jump out.

Run along the I-beam, and jump to the next one. Run along the road.