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Halo 3 Walkthrough Landfall - Walk It Off

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Welcome to Halo 3. The game starts with a short cut scene.

After the scene, the Master Chief will have his tracking checked.

Follow the path with the rest of the squad. When you get to the log, press the A button to jump over it.

Follow the path as it winds around to the right. When you reach the little rock ledges, jump up them.

The path will now wind to the left. Then it will turn right.

When you come to the waterfall an inbound Phantom will be seen.

The first grunts you get to kill will be to your right.

Kill the grunts and then follow the stream.

As you follow the water, more grunts and some brutes will be dropped in.

Follow the path through some caves. When you exit the caves, you will find some grunts sleeping. Walk up to them and press the B button to kill them silently.

Climb the hill while shooting grunts and company. The path will wind around to the right. When you hear voices there will be a brute holding a human.

You can shoot the brute to save the human.

Continue walking forward, and then up a ramp that is to your left. Then walk across to the cave.

The path will start heading down in to some caves. At that point grunts will attack.

Kill the grunts and head through the caves. When you jump off a cliff in the caves, a cut scene will start. After the scene continue on the path.