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Halo 3 Walkthrough Cleansing - It Followed Me Home

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Turn to the right and follow the path. Go up the ramps.

Go forward and then around the left bend.

Follow this path until you find the marines.

The flood will show up converting marines in to flood zombies.

Kill the little flood monsters to keep the others from being resurrected.

Go to the right side of the ramp and then up the stairs to the right.

Go through the door. In the next room will be some flood and a marine. Kill the marine if he gets infected.

Go through door at far end of room.

To the left is stairs down. There are lots of flood down here.

To the back and right of where you stepped of the stairs is the way to go.

When you enter the room, go to the left and then to the right when you can. There will be more flood here to kill.

Go under the walkway and up the stairs to the right.

Go around on the walkway to a door.

Drop down through the hole and have a chat with Cortana.

After the chat with Cortana, head to the left and around to the arbiter.

Go through the door he is facing. Go around the winding passages. Flood will attack you around the first bend.

At the end of passage is a door. Go through the door.

To the right is the door out of the room.

Follow this hallway to the outside. When the Chief reaches the outside, a cut scene begins.