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Halo 3 Walkthrough Cleansing - Shadow of Intent

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Follow the path to the right and at the first left with a broken railing drop down.

Turn to your right and follow the path until you reach a ramp up. Flood will attack you just before the ramp.

At the top of ramp, there is a door to the right.

The passage turns to the right. Flood will attack in the passage.

Continue down the passage until you reach a room. There is some ammo near the bodies, but when you get near it the flood attack you.

There are stairs to the right or left of where you come in. Go through the door the flood entered from.

Go around to the right and down the stairs to the left.

Door will be to the right of the stairs.

Outside more flood attack you. The path to the downed flood ship is to the right of the crates.

At the end of the path turn left and drop down.

Forward and to the left of where you drop in is a ramp.

At the top of ramp drop in the hole.