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Halo 3 Walkthrough Refuge - Forward Unto Dawn

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The big ship drops off all sorts of armored vehicles. Jump in one.

Go back over the hill. Covenant forces show up so you can try your new toys.

Now head back in to the cave. When you get to the cave two hunters run out.

A couple of shots and the hunters are dead. When you exit the cave at the other end, a phantom will be dropping of some grunts.

A few good hits will take the phantom out.

Go down the ramp to the left of the cave.

As the path curves to the left, there will be a couple ghosts.

Continue under the structure and come out to the left to a wraith, and a few ghosts. Take the enemy vehicles out.

Up the hill will be a sniper tower and some grunts.

Follow the path to the right back to the "Wall". When you arrive back at the wall, there will be a turret at the top of hill in the very back.

There will be two wraiths to the left, and a wraith on the bridge to your right. Plus there are some grunts.

Clear the covenant forces from the area. Then cross the bridge.

At the end of bridge, turn left and shoot the two grey things on either side of the door.

Get out of your vehicle and go through the open door.

Go down the ramp to a door on the left.

The Oracle will open the door.

Walk forward and then left on the balcony. Use the device to extend the bridge.

To the right of the device is a door. Go through the door.

To the right is a big door.

Go through this door as well. A warthog will drive up. Jump in either the driver seat or the turret seat.

Two ghosts will show up. After you kill the ghosts, continue down the ramp to a covenant outpost.

After the outpost is the armor squad your apart of.

Jump out of the warthog and take control of a scorpion tank again.

Once back in a scorpion, go down the hill in front of the tank.

There will be some ghosts and wraiths on the way down.

At the bottom the scarab attacks.

Do the same thing you did with the last one. Get under it with your tank and shoot out its knees.

Once it drops to its knees get behind it and you can shoot out the section blocking the core.

Once open to attack shoot the core until it blows up.

One more scarab falls to the Master Chief.

Finish the ghosts in the area. To the right of where you came down is a ramp up.

The tank will only make it up on ramp, but use it to take out the covenant forces higher up the structure.

When the way is clear, jump out. Run up the ramps to the roof.

At the top of the ramps go straight to a door.