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Halo 3 Walkthrough Last Stand - Trident

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As soon as you hit the ground, you are under attack. Kill the brutes and grunts.

The path is straight and to the right.

There is an anti-aircraft wraith on the hill.

Once the wraith is gone, a pelican drops a warthog.

Take your preferred seat. Follow the coast to a mountain.

Follow the gorge up the mountain. On the way up the gorge, two ghosts, some grunts, and a turret will attack,

As you come around a corner further up the gorge, there will be an assortment of covenant vehicles.

Once the area is clear, jump off the warthog and enter the tower.

Follow the hallway down and to the left. On the right will be a door.

In the room past the door is some grunts and jackals. Proceed through the room to the door at the other end of room.

The hallway goes to the right. To the right up on a ledge will be some jackals and grunts.

Be careful of the glowing blue crates, they explode with enough gunfire.

They wiped out half my squad. The hallway goes around to the left and up a ramp.

To the right on a ledge is the elevator control.

At the top will be some grunts and brutes. And oh yeah one of those hammer guys.

In the back is the switch to shut down the shield generator.

Use the switch. A cut scene begins.

Head back to the outside. On the way, in the last room will be some jackals and grunts.

Get back in your favorite seat in the warthog. Once in the warthog drive all the way back to the beach. Nothing will attack you on the way back.