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Halo 3 Walkthrough Last Stand - If You Want It Done Right

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At the beach, jump in a hornet. Sweet, you just found a flying ride.

Left stick is forward/backwards. RS is up/down. LT fires missiles and RT fires the turret. To the right is an island. A wraith will be dropped on it.

Kill any other covenant forces around you as well. Follow the coast. Keep the mountains to your right.

Around the corner is the third tower.

Clear the area of any phantoms and other flying covenant ships.

Then clear the anti-aircraft wraith on the ground. There are two, one on each side of the tower.

Once the area is cleared land next to the tower and jump out of the hornet.

When you are on the ground, run up the stairs and kill the brutes here.

Go down the ramps on either side to a door. Brutes will come out of the door.

Enter the tower through the door. Go forward in to the room. Drones will attack you.

There are also two hunters. Take them down as well.

Keep heading to the back of the room where the door is. Go through door and to the left.

To the left will be the upper section again. Go around to the right and kill the brutes that come out of the door.

In the upper section, drones attack again. Walk out on the walkway to the elevator controls.

Ride the elevator to the top. At the top are some brutes. There are five of them to be exact. Four have cloaking devices.

After the brutes are dead, throw the switch to deactivate the shield generator.

A cut scene will begin. After the scene the tower is infested with the flood.

So go back to the elevator. Ride it back to the bottom of the tower.

Make your way back around to the elites. They will be in the room you fought the hunters in.

Outside the door will be some more flood. Use your new grenade on the fat flood.

This will stop them from releasing the little flood that infect people.

Once back at the landing zone. To the left will be some vehicles. May I suggest the scorpion tank.

Go in to the tunnel.