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Halo 3 Walkthrough The Key - Rampant

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The small flood will attack you shortly after the mission begins. The path heads to the right.

When the hallway goes back to the left, the path splits and flood attack.

The right fork is a dead end with just some weapons. After the door the Gravemind pipes in.

Take either path around to a chute down.

Now Cortana speaks to you.

When Cortana is done speaking, the flood will attack. The path wraps around to the left, and up a ramp.

The door you want is on the right side. If you find the pelican you went the wrong way.

Gravemind will speak again after the door.

Go up the ramp and then back down the other side. When you see sunlight Gravemind speaks again.

Go through door at bottom of ramp and the forward and then to the right. More flood attack here.

Just run through them. If you kill the big ones the small ones just take them back over.

The path heads to the left here.

At the end of the hallway is a chute down.

Turn around, and then forward. Flood will attack in this room. Clear the room.

After the battle you will hear Cortana speak. Walk to the right side of the room.

Go through arch to a hallway. Walk to the left. At the top of ramp, to the right is the hallway you need.

Go up this ramp and then around to the right. There will be two fat flood that burst.

Go down this ramp and to the left. The path you want going up this ramp is to the right.

Keep following this path. Kill what gets in your way. When the path narrows, the Gravemind speaks to the Chief.

Keep going to a door. Go around to the right to find a ramp up.

At the top of this section of the ramp will be a hole to jump over.

Follow path and you will come to another hole to jump.

Follow the path around to the left. Just before the door is another hole to jump.

After the door you get a double whammy. First Cortana has a cut scene, then Gravemind gets his.

Follow the path down in to the water.

After the water the path goes to the right.

Go through the door. Go to the right along the walkway. Kill what gets in your way but try and just run past the flood.

Look for a bridge that goes to the center of room. It will be on your left side.

At the center, go to the right and there should be another bridge back across the room.

Go to the left a bit, looking for a door on the right.

When you go through door Cortana and Gravemind talk again.

Just follow the hallway down, going through doors on the way. Part way down Cortana will speak again.

At the bottom will be a glowing orb.

Go over to the orb and press the B button to break the orb. You must press it three times.

You are reunited with Cortana at last.