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Halo 3 Walkthrough Return - The Way The World Ends

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Now just follow the hallways back to the outside. Once outside make a sharp right turn.

Climb up the ramp. Just follow this path around to a door.

Run through here letting the flood and those robots kill each other.

When you reach the corner, turn right and head down the hall. At the corner at the other end of this hall, turn left.

Run down this hall to a door. Get inside a warthog. Jump in the driverís seat.

The Arbiter will decloak and take the turret. Drive straight ahead.

The path curves to the right at the glowing red structure.

Go through what look like arches.

Avoid the holes that open in the path. You will come to a point where forward is not an option. Turn right, follow this path as it winds around to the left.

At the end of the path, hang a sharp right and jump to the lower platform.

Drive across this platform and in to the tunnel.

Drive through the tunnel. Run over anything the Arbiter doesn't kill.

Towards the end of the tunnel the center is closed, so go to the left.

Drive at the jump as fast as the warthog will go.

Straight ahead is one of those things to drive around. This time it starts to the left.

When you leave this structure the road will be to your left.

Follow this section up the ramps. Then it will go right. Shortly after this it will go back to the left.

Gun the warthog and make the jump. What is with these drive around structures? This one starts to the right.

AS you come around to the far side, the structure starts to tilt.

Jump off the right side to get to the next area. Drive for the tunnel.

Drive through this tunnel. At the end will be another jump. Go the right.

Go left when you see the tower fall.

Turn left when you hear that the halo is at 90 percent.

Just floor it through here and you should make the final jump.

The final cut scene will begin. This will bring the Master Chief to the end of Halo 3. Congratulations.