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Halo 3 Walkthrough The Key - Nor Hell A Fury

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Go forward for a door. The Gravemind will speak again.

Continue up the hallway through the doors. At the top go to the right, looking for a path to the left.

This leads to the center where the reactor is. In the center is a console.

Hold RB to drop the reactor rods. Shoot the thinnest section. The thinnest section will be towards the bottom.

Once the rods have been destroyed the High Charity will begin to explode. If standing at the console, turn around and door out should be straight ahead.

Drop down the hole in floor. Turn around and follow the path that leads down.

Just run and gun your way through. At the bottom you will be in a big room. Kill the flood in here.

Go through the door that is straight ahead of you. A big flood will burst through the wall to the right.

Either kill him or just run through his hole.

Go to the right and then a sharp left.

At the end of path is a hole.

There is a door to the right. Go through it and up the ramp.

The path winds to the left and then back to the right.

To the right should be our friend the Arbiter.

Climb up to the Arbiter. There should be a hole in the wall behind him.

To your left will be a pelican. Run in to its compartment. This will bring the Master Chief to the end of Mission 8.