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Halo 3 Walkthrough Return - Full Circle

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Just follow the path in front of you. It only leads to your destination.

When you get to the structure pods will drop in, releasing the flood.

Just run for the structure. Go for its right side. At the top of the ramp on the left side, you will be able to get on the structure.

Go to the left around the front.

On the left side is a ramp going up.

At the top turn right and go back around the front.

On the right side is another ramp up.

At the top the door is closed. Just fight the flood until they are all dead.

Once the flood is dead Johnson comes and joins the party. Then the door opens.

Follow the hallway and go left at the split.

Go through the door. Gravemind will say something to you. picture- 377 Follow the hallway to the right. The door on the right is the one you want.

Go to the door in the center for a cut scene. Sweet. I've been waiting to kill the Oracle since Halo 1.

Just start firing at him. Avoid his laser shots. Then Johnson will fire his spartan laser at the Oracle.

Take the spartan laser from Johnson and shoot the oracle with it.

When you shoot the Oracle enough times a cut scene will begin.