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Halo 3 Walkthrough Last Stand - Revelation

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Now the flood is helping me. What next? Just let the flood clear the way for you. Just wipe up the remaining covenant.

At the end of the walkway will be a door. Run through the room to another door.

Let the flood clear the way for you again.

At the far end of this walkway is yet another door. Go through the small room and down the next walkway.

At the end of this section is a button to extend the bridge.

Press the button. A cut scene will begin. Sweet. The flood are enemies once again. Run back the way you just came from.

Gun down any flood that get in your way. In the second room on the way back, Cortana thinks it is a good time for a chat.

Once in the lift room, there is a chute in the back that is glowing blue.

Jump in the chute. A cut scene will begin. This will bring the Chief to the end of Mission 7.