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Halo 3 Walkthrough Refuge - Real Men Dont Read Maps

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The Oracle will open a door to the left.

Go through a door to the right in the back of room.

Go down the ramp and through a door to the left.

Follow this hallway to another door to the left.

Either go down the ramp here or through the door straight ahead.

Kill the grunts in this room and move to the next room.

There is a brute in here as well as some grunts.

The door out of here is in the back on the right.

Follow the ramps down. At the bottom of ramp is a room with five brutes and like six jackals.

The door is out is in the back of room, left side.

Then go right and take the door to the left.

On the raised section, in the middle is the cartographer.

Use the cartographer. A cut scene will begin. After the scene a phantom shows up.

Go back to the previous room. In the second room from the cartographer is another big fight.

Once all the covenant are dead in this room, on the far side of the room take the door on the right.

Go down ramp and through door at the bottom of ramp.

Go to either side and through door. Go down the ramp back to other room.

The brutes in this room are using cloaking devices. They are not that hard to see still.

The door out is to your left.

Go to the left when you enter the room. Head down the ramp.

You have another big fight in the next room. The big guy in the center of the room is the worst of the lot.

Kill him first, then mop up the rest of the covenant forces.

A pelican picks you up. A cut scene will begin. This will bring Master Chief to the end of the 6th mission.