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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 2 - Anathema

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There are three disguises you can use. But for most effective, beat a guards and take his clothes. If you can see there is a door in front behind the trees.

The guard will do something here. So be prepared to take his clothes. Remember to use sneak mode.

Now, you're ready to go inside. Just be cool and dont to something suspicious.

Go to the green circled area. To be safe, just walk.

Climb up but before that check map. Make sure no one will see you.

Wait for the target to enter the room. Then sneak behind him and kill your target.

It is optional to hide the body but be careful with the guards outside. They can see through the walls.

Now, get on the ground. No need rush. Just walk even though it's freaking slow.

Go to the basement.

Open the first door to complete the next task.

Now, you can leave this area. -end-