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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 6 - Invitation To A Party

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Go to that place and enter the area. Watch out for guards.

Go the the nearby garage.

Use sneak mode and enter the garage.

When the path is clear...

Enter the room to the left...

Change your clothes.

Go to the second floor or follow the embassador/agent to know the exact location.

If there's a maid around, put her to sleep for a quite some time. At least 3 dosages of anaesthetics.

Now you're ready for some action. Wait for the agent outside the room.

Get ready to take the briefcase. You can kill or put him to sleep. Tips: Walk behind him as near as possible. tap sneak mode, equip weapon and attack.

Hide the body and watch out for guards.

Now it's time for the second target. Remember that some guards cant see the briefcase. So, you may need to put the briefcase to a safe location.

This target keep repeating the same routine. So just kill him while he's heading to the hall.

Hide the body and take the briefcase.

Just leave the building through the main door.

Go to exit point safely. -end-