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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 8 - Hidden Valley

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This mission is bugged. Even though you didn't kill people, but the ninjas at the basement may be run over by the truck which is considered as you did it. Let's just play to finish this mission

To avoid being detected by snipers. Use the binocular to see the sniper's action. When he's checking his weapon, quickly run for about 3 second to take cover behind a tree. Then repeat.

Go to the basement.

See the bug in action. You're still here but who killed that ninja?

You can sneak all the way to the circled area (next pic) but it's your choice and your time. Simply kill anyone trying to check your ID since the mission have glitch.

Before the end of the tunnel. There's a ladder up. Use that to go to the surface.

Again, watch out for snipers. Use binoculars to check on him.

Go near the door to end this mission. -end-