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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 9 - At The Gates

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When the game starts, you need a disguise so that you can freely run without sniper targeting you. But the guards still like to check your ID. Simply head to the higher ground and kill the single enemy there.

Head to the marked location. This is where the first generator located.

Disable the generator and...

Enter the castle through the main door.

Make sure no guards patrolling here. Then, head to the right, there's secret door on the wooden wall.

Be extra careful here (use sneak) because guards like to check your ID.

Disable the next power generator.

The location of the last generator is pretty near actually. Follow the path as shown by the arrow.

Keep going to the generator.

Ignore the ninjas.

When the last generator has been turned off. You can just head to the exit location. Just be careful of nearby guards. -end-